Sooke River mushrooms is...


Our mushrooms are always fresh, picked the day you get them or the night before!



We’ve partnered with the local coffee shop Stick in the Mud, reusing their coffee grounds and local hay to grow our delicious oyster mushrooms!



Unlike other local mushroom growers, we don’t use any single-use plastics in our cultivation processes.

We’ve partnered with Lighthouse Brewing, reusing buckets from their production for our ongoing mushroom cultivation process.


The Owners

Levi Megenbir

Levi Megenbir’s passion for sustainability drives everything he does. With Sooke River Mushrooms, Levi leads sales, business administration, and facility development.

When he’s not working for Sooke River Mushrooms, Levi works as a Senior Transit Planner Work Lead for BC Transit, helping to improve the sustainability of transportation systems within the Greater Victoria Region and other key communities within British Columbia.

Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan leads production for Sooke River Mushrooms.

Andrew is passionate about eco-friendly alternatives and processes, and has significant experience with local food production and distribution, working previously for both Level Ground Coffee and Lighthouse Brewing. Currently, when Andrew isn’t growing delicious culinary mushrooms, he is raising a family and working for BC Transit in the parts warehouse.